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Essential Items

As we have already stated on our website, we have been offering quality Tortoises to the trade and members of the public now, for over thirty eight years. If a Hermann’s or Horsfield’s tortoise is being kept indoors in the UK, then the following items are absolutely necessary, in order to maintain good health.

Call us if you need to purchase any of these items, as we can then add them over the phone to your existing order. These items are usually much cheaper buying directly from Tortoises4you.

Essential Items for keeping Hermann’s Horsfield’s Tortoises healthy.

Enclosure. This must be open top (not a vivarium for these species).

Substrate. This is what the tortoise walks on. We supply ReptileTurf pellets. They are biodegradable, and if the Tortoise accidentally swallows a piece, it will not harm them, unlike some other unsuitable substrates.

Combination Lamp. This is a very special bulb, which provides a combination of, UVA, UVB and Heat. The bulb should only be used in the daytime, when the tortoise cannot go outside.

Clamp Lamp Holder. This is the holder which the bulb screws in to. It is already wired up. It has an inline switch and a UK mains plug already fitted.

D3/Calcium Vitamin Supplement Powder. This should be lightly dusted on to the Tortoises’ leafy food, twice a week. It ensures against the Tortoise, or any reptile, developing Metabolic Bone Disease.

Shallow Water Dish. Fresh water should always be provided, although in the wild Tortoises usually go long periods, without finding water. No food dish is required.