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Looking for a Quick Delivery ? The quickest way to get a quick delivery, is to call us and we will take your order over the phone. We can then confirm your delivery date which is often the same week.

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Hermann's We specialise in offering these popular Garden Tortoises. Order Online - Instore - or by Calling us on 01291 40 84 00

If you would like to order tortoises, please telephone 01291 408400 to receive FREE, friendly advice on how to look after your tortoise correctly; and to take your order.

Nationwide Delivery
We offer a weekly delivery service, by registered Animal Courier, in England, and Wales.

Special Offer

Hermanns Offer

The most popular, rare, garden tortoise is the Hermanns.

The Hermanns is an endangered species of tortoise, commonly kept 40 years ago in people’s back gardens. They are captive bred and micro-chipped, a legal requirement.

We also have a very special offer specifically for Trade Dealers and Collectors to purchase 6 Hermanns Tortoises – see here

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If you are having difficulty in finding a vet with Reptile experience, you may like to contact Sophie Jenkins. Sophie’s veterinary practise is based in Cardiff. Her Team can be contacted via the following link.
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